jeudi 20 avril 2017

Create a class with vectorized properties

Vectorized functions are way faster than doing it on your own, e.g. np.exp(a) is faster than [math.exp(i) for i in a].

I'm creating my own class with several attributes. At some point I want to be able to delete/add new attributes to the several objects. can this be done in a (fast) vectorized way? i.e.

class ClassName:
    def __init__(self)
        self.a = 1
        self.b = 2

After having initialized some instances of this class and saved them in a list, i.e. instances = [ClassName() for i in range(100)].

I now want the code

for instance in instances:
    del instance.a

in the following form: del instances.a. I know how I could do this by creating a meta class instances which has this attribute/this method. But this would just mask the for loop. Is there a way in which it is actually done in a vetorized, fast way?

In general, how can I tell my classes to have instances, that allow vectorized functions?


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